About Charolias Golden Retrievers



All of our dogs get time inside the house, some sleep inside and some sleep here in the air conditioned Kennel Barn.

Exersize Yard

Our Golden's get exercise  in the shady acre exercise yard.

All of our Goldens receive plenty of time in the Shady Exercise yard

Outdoor Fun

Three of Our Goldens romping in the beautiful spring weather.

Fun Time in the exercise yard!

Decks connect kennels to outdoor runs

Kennels have 24/7 access to outside runs.

None of our dogs are ever completely confined to a kennel

Puppies are born inside our house


Puppies stay inside, getting morning & evening weights taken until they reach 4 weeks of age. This way we can monitor their development and intervene if a baby is falling behind his or her litter mates

After weaning puppies move to the Kennel Barn


This is when they start learning to eat separately from siblings in their individual bowls.. time to learn no... wait & get extra hugs and time in the Exercise yard.. they walk to the exercise yard on leash...